The mission from the project Domaine Lion.

Project Domaine Lion

Our mission.

In the year 2014 the Project Domaine Lion was born op paper. A sustainable project. We really started in 2015. In 2016 we started selling in the Moroccan market. We sell directly to the consumers and businesses. Businesses like restaurants with a more European like kitchen. By full filling the project we want to help in the development of Morocco. By growing the niche product QuinoaDomaineLion®. For Morocco a relatively new product. A super-food. Full of proteins. Ideal for consumers who are vegetarian. Free of gluten. Gluten are nowadays a huge problem for a lot of people. This gluten-free product is a perfect alternative. We grow the QuinoaDomaineLion® in cooperation with Moroccan Farmers. It is a very healthy and a competitive product. The possibilities are not limited to food use only. We will create products related to cosmetics and health.

What is Gluten?

Domaine Lion Agriculture.

A better environment

DLA will contribute to the “Moroccan Plan Vert 2020” and the COP22.
Producing biological grown products. Turning derelict lands into agricultural lands. Growing Quinoa can at least be a part of the solution for growing world food shortage problem.

The Moroccan economy

Enlarging our variety of agricultural products. Developing new products. Enlarging our sales in Morocco. Starting export. This all means new jobs.


We apply the Fairtrade system for farmers. We work with the farmers on implementation of better ways of working e.g. farm management, usage of nutrients, energy (solar) and water.

DLA fund.

Creation a non profit organisation financed by a part of DLA her profits. The funds will be spent in consultation with the local authorities on poverty fighting, social support issues and improvement of education.