The Project Domaine Lion in Morocco

The project Domaine Lion.

Project Domaine Lion

Our Sustainable business its mission is twofold.
QuinoaDomaineLion® MoroccoQuinoa® ( MarocQuinoa® ) for Environment and for People.


Improve the environment by growing Quinoa. Stop desertification and turn Africa green.                           Reduce worlds CO² levels. Stop the growing world food shortages.
Apply advanced water supply without exhausting underground water supplies.
Biological growing of this new agricultural crop. And it is less water consuming compared to a lot of other vegetables and fruits.


FairTrade system for the Farmers.
DLA foundation for social- and health care, education and poverty fighting.
Development of new retail products. Economic growth and jobs.

Morocco, the port of Africa

We started growing the first Moroccan Quinoa on 20 hectares. Still small scale. 2018 We will do approx 1.000 hectares. We sell in the Moroccan market. We want to expand to 50.000 hectares in Morocco ( 2030 ).
Morocco is the pilot project. In Africa we will also implement the project.

A unique project

Because this is a unique project we have been nominated as a Switcher. Please open the link for more info.