Domaine Lion Agriculture S.A.R.L.

Our Sustainable business its mission is twofold.Environment and People.

* * Environment. Biological growing of the new agricultural crop MoroccoQuinoa® MarocQuinoa®. Which is less water consuming compared to other vegetables and specially to fruits. Applying new technologies in which less or no water is needed from the Moroccan underground water sources which are likely to be exhausted within 20 years from now in the current way of working. We will Positively impact climate change ; stopping desertification , reducing CO².

* * People. Fair-trade system for Farmers. Non profit DLA foundation for social and health care, education and poverty fighting. Development of new retail products. Economic growth and jobs.

Morocco is the start. Africa is our goal.

Email , domainelion@gmail.com
Whats-app , 00212 6 5259 1798