Important Antioxidant for the Skin

In MoroccoQuinoa® are Important Antioxidants for the Skin

Quinoa is super
Quinoa is super

Antioxidants are especially important in keeping our skin healthy.

The antioxidant benefits of vitamins C and E are well known, but the importance of the trace mineral zinc has been overlooked.

The International Journal of Dermatology found that zinc has the supporting antioxidant role in protecting against free radical–induced oxidative damage.

Zinc protects against UV radiation and enhances wound healing.

The study concluded that topical zinc ions may provide an important and helpful antioxidant defense for the skin.

In addition, it contributes to immune and neuropsychiatric functions and decreases the relative risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Our product is Rich of the antioxidant Zinc

Zinc is called an “essential trace element” because very small amounts of zinc are necessary for human health.

One cup of quinoa contains 13% of the RDA, which makes it one of the best sources of zinc.

Zinc is used for treatment and prevention of zinc deficiency and its consequences, including how it affects the skin and liver disease.


Osteoporosis & Cardiovascular Disease prevented

Quinoa, osteoporosis, magnesium

Quinoa Prevents Osteoporosis

Quinoa has among others a high content of magnesium content. And it is effective in preventing magnesium deficiency and the diseases that go along with it, like, osteoporosis.

The Department of Biomedical, Surgical, and Dental Sciences, University of Milan. The University published an online research. In its research the University found that optimizing magnesium intake might prevent this disease in individuals with documented magnesium deficiency .

The major cause of magnesium deficiency is mainly due to Western dietary practices. These diets are rich in processed foods and relatively poor in micro-nutrients.

….. and prevents Cardiovascular Disease

Coronary disease is one of the most common diseases today.

Thanks to quinoa which is rich in magnesium, heart disease can be prevented, according to scientific evidence.

Namely, regarding current opinion concerning lipidology, magnesium can be important for preventing cardiovascular disease as well as insulin sensitivity and diabetes .