About us

  My name is Peter de Leeuw. Born in Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

In Europe I used to work in commercial businesses as a General and Financial manager. In 2012 I emigrated to Morocco. Started our company Mogador Home Resort SARL. Export business of Moroccan artisanal products and Real estate & Holiday rentals business.

In 2014 I developed the project Domaine Lion and founded in 2015 the S.a.r.l. Domaine Lion Agriculture .  Our product is MoroccoQuinoa® in French  MarocQuinoa® .

Our business is Sustainable  and its mission is twofold ; Environment and People.

Improve the environment by growing Quinoa. To stop desertification. Reducing worlds CO² levels.
Not exhausting underground water supplies but applying advanced water supply.
Biological growing of this new agricultural crop which is less water consuming for itself compared to a lot of other vegetables and fruits that are grown in Morocco.

Fair-trade system for Moroccan Farmers.
DLA foundation associated to S.a.r.l. Domaine Lion Agriculture. A Part of the profits will be donated is this Fund for social care, health care, education and poverty fighting.
Development of new retail products.

We cooperate with Moroccan farmers. Our goal for Morocco is 50.000 hectares ( 2030 ). Morocco is the port to the back yard called Africa. Currently we sell in Morocco. By 2020 we start export.

Your response is very welcome. We will supply you with further details.
Your email please to Peter de Leeuw , Founder  and CEO of Domaine Lion Agriculture S.A.R.L..
Email , domainelion@gmail.com
Phone & Whats-app , 00212 6 5259 1798.

In April 2016 we received the following email ;

……..Dear Peter,

We are glad to announce you that Domaine Lion agriculture will be a switcher!.  We find you initiative very interesting and  it will be part of The Switchers on-line platform……

Welcome to the switcher’s community!

Thank you very much.

 Best regards. 

  • Miquela Grimalt i Vigo
    Project Manager

    Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) Mediterranean Action Plan – United Nations Environment Programme.  Regional Center under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.  Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site – Nostra Senyora de la Mercè Pavillion                                                                   Carrer Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167. 08025 Barcelona (Catalunya) Spain     www.scprac.org | www.switchmed.eu

La production de quinoa, une culture nutritive et durable originaire des Andes, traverse l’océan et s’installe au Maroc.


For expanding our business we are interested in financial fundings.  A business plan is available.